KDE won’t start in Fedora 13

I ran a yum update on my Fedora13 install the other day, and then when I booted back up and logged in, my KDE would not start! It would start to show the login screen, but once I did a login, it blacked out and went back to the login screen again.

Upon checking my .xsession-error file, I saw:

ksmserver: smybol lookup error: /usr/lib64/ undefined symbol: _nv000027gl

It took a little looking around, but basically to fix this, you need to point to a proper Nvidia driver file. I ended up removing the old link and making a new one. My machine is x64, hence the lib64 directory instead of just lib:

root{/usr/lib64}: rm
root{/usr/lib64}: ln -s nvidia/

That did the trick!