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AVI Player for iPad

I wanted an app on my iPad 2 and mini to play videos I have on my linux media server (which consists of mostly AVI files). I found oplayer to be an excellent option for me!

The only drawback is the recent version seems to have lost the ability to remember what you were watching when you go back to the player. With the old version I could just put the iPad away overnight and when I called back oplayer the next day it would be on the same video in the same spot so I could resume. Now, the new version forces me to start from scratch and play the video from the start and manually find where I was.

I’m asking the oplayer folks about this and if they come through then this app is truly as good as I have been telling you all!


Automatically insert Current Date and Time in MySQL table

I was trying to recall how to create a field in a MYSQL table that will auto timestamp on inserts or updates, and surprisingly google did not give any direct and easy results! Seriously, the results were either off topic or packed with ads and off topic.

Here it is, simple and to the point:

`timestamp` timestamp NOT NULL default CURRENT_TIMESTAMP on update CURRENT_TIMESTAMP