PHP is unable to retrieve information via $_POST on my localhost but $_GET works

I encountered this odd problem where FORM POSTs would not work! Other peoples comments on this were along the lines of server misconfiguration, which is sort of true — the reason for me was that I had some rewrite rules so I could leave .php extensions off the path — and I had forgotten to put ACTION in the form to leave off the extension!

Once I fixed that it all worked.


Cisco850 router can’t handle the speed

I just got a Comcast upgrade to my home router for new speeds and here is what I found out! My old speed measured was 30 Mbps down, 11 Mbps up.

The guy installed the new Comcast box and then I tried again and same speeds! This was from my PC which went through two hubs, and a cisco850 router before getting to the Comcast box.

I then plugged a laptop right into one of the Comcast ethernet ports and got 120 and 11, which is sweet! Well, the 120 is sweet.

Then I plugged the laptop into the cisco850 and I was back to the 30Mbps again. The cisco is rated for 10/100 so I thought it would go up higher, but no such luck. So now I need to get a new router for my home network and see how that performs!

More later.