GeForce Experience Stops Recording Itself

I like to use the Nvidia GeForce Experience built-in game recording feature to record various things, other than games — like for example recording a google meet I need to reference later. It’s a nice quick way, and I use the default “Alt-Z” binding to get the overlay up, and doing the basic recording has been great.

But just recently this stopped working as expected! It would record around 5 seconds and then just stop.

I tried the usual steps, updating drivers, rebooting, even running with no other applications, but nothing fixed it.

The solution turned out to be that I had HDR turned on! Apparently Alan Wake 2 turned that on for my one monitor and that caused the issue. I went into windows display settings and turned off HDR and everything is good now!

Curse you, Alan Wake! But also bless you, that game is soooo good.

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