FaceBook Applications

I’ve been developing some applications on FaceBook and like what they’ve built as their API framework. It’s a work in progress, but is growing and getting better. My FaceBook profile is here, and I’ve built the following applications so far:

Ujogo Poker
: This is a more condensed version of the official website, and allows the FB avatars to be shown, adding friends, seeing user’s profiles inside the app, and various alerts to users based on performance, etc. The backend code is done in J2EE using the Java API.

This is a game to let users create confessions that are put in front of their group of friends for judgement. The backend is done in PHP using the FaceBook PHP API.

The Driving Test
: A test-taking game where you can add your own questions into the database. The backend is in PHP. It is a good thing I have an approval process function for when people submit their own questions, some of the stuff people submit is crazy! Perhaps I’ll post some of it someday.

All the applications are Flash (SWF) developed in Flex, communicating with standard backend services.