Change back to the old Google icon

My opinion is that Google made a huge mistake with the new name “Alphabet” — they should fire the marketing people behind that concept, who no doubt must have had a bad experience mixing Redbull, Ecstasy, and AlphaBits. I mean, hey, I get it, when in Vegas — but wait until after you sober up before renaming the company.

Anywho, the thing that really gets me upset is now there is some new horrible favicon that google uses and it looks out of place on my chrome browser tabs now. This new google icon is distracting, too busy, and insults any reasonable sense of aesthetic. So, here is how to change it back!

Download the Favicon Changer chrome extension (I use chrome, but I think there are versions for other browsers if you look around). Visit, and when you use the extension you’ll have to give it a URL to your chosen favicon, I have a sample on at — if you don’t want to see a broken https link for https sites, you’ll need to give a SSL URL, like

There, now your browser tabs are more serene.