Bluetooth issue between Samsung Galaxy S4 and Mercedes

So I got a nice sleek Samsung Galaxy S4 which is awesome! The Verizon store salesman tried to sell me on an iPhone but after I told him no thanks three times he finally let me see the Android options. I have nothing against the iPhone but just like the flexibility and options the Android gives me, plus even the sales guy admits the Galaxy is much faster than the iPhone.

But I digress… where was I? Oh, right — so the phone is AWESOME! Until I tried to pair the sonofabitch to my car, which is only 3 years old but could not do the pairing properly.

I would get the car to “see” the phone, and would enter in the PIN on the car, and the phone would pop-up and ask for the PIN, and the phone would say “paired”, but the car would eventually timeout and say it could not pair.

I tried all kinds of 4 digits PINs to see if that would make a difference, restarted the phone, removed the bluetooth entries and tried from scratch, but to no avail.

Finally I tried a single digit PIN and IT WORKED

So there you go, hope that helps someone, and now my new phone is back to AWESOME



Bluetooth Clash with WiFi

I was helping a friend with their Sony Vaio laptop, and they just added a Bluetooth enabled mouse and found that now their wireless connection won’t work!

The laptop has a little switch on the top of the keyboard that turns wireless on/off, and usually when you turn it off and back on, the computer will recognize the wifi hardware and it can find networks. But in this case, it wasn’t working, and no wifi networks were begin discovered.

After an hour of trying all sorts of things like checking out network settings, etc, it turns out it we had to use a function key (F1) to toggle between different Bluetooth/LAN/WAN settings! We had to choose the setting of Bluetooth and LAN to get this working. Apparently adding the Bluetooth device switched this setting, and the only way to get it back is to use this poorly labelled function key. Live and learn.

I had googled around to try and find help on this, but nothing pertinent showed up — so hopefully this post can help someone who has this problem in the future!

Bluetooth LAN function key