KDE Screen Edge Gestures

I’ve been working on a new Fedora32 install these past few weeks for my personal desktop, and so far it has been great! Faster, more memory, nicer dual monitors and 20 virtual desktops!

But it seems whenever I do a yum/dnf update to get a new kernel and keep packages updated, SOMETHING always goes amiss! That latest mystery was my KDE Desktop effects stopped working, specifically the one where you move your mouse to the upper-left corner and you get to see every window across all the desktops. Since I literally will have 100 windows total across all my virtual desktops, this feature has been pretty helpful!

My clue was in /var/log/messages, “kwin_core: Compositing is not possible”

The solution is to edit ~/.config/kwinrc and update this variable to be “false”:


And that did the trick for me, hope this helps.

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