Android phone contacts all kafloobered

A few days ago, my nice Android Motorola X phone went all wonky and kafloobered up my contacts!

Yes, that’s right — kafloobered.

It mixed up names and phone numbers so that when I got a call and it said “John Smith calling” it was really someone else. So I’d answer the phone and say “Hey John,” and it would be the guy you’ve been avoiding for the past few weeks because he wants you to introduce him to your wife’s friend who really doesn’t like him… anyway, I digress.

What I had to do was to drop my sync settings in the phone, and re-sync to my exchange server and gmail account again. That fixed it!

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Ah, let me be more clear, I went into “settings” -> “Accounts & sync” and then chose my activesync account. In there I did “remove account” and then re-added it!

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