Get rid of that Windows 10 reminder

Argh! That damn reminder for windows 10 is on my task bar and won’t go away!

Fear no longer, here’s what to do. Control Panel -> (do a search for ‘updates’) -> View installed updates

Then look around for “KB3035583” and “KB2952664” and uninstall them. Those are two that I have confirmed, I also have heard “KB3123862” should also be removed.

To make sure they don’t get re-installed automatically, you should change your settings (again, control panel, search for “turn automatic updating on or off”) so that windows downloads updates, but let’s you decide whether to install them. Then, when you see those two KB updates in the list, you can right-click them and choose “hide update”.

Another option entirely is to actually go ahead and agree to the windows 10 preview! Ha! You can’t tell by reading this, but I am laughing a lot right now.