Upgrading to Fedora 15 (Lovelock)

After playing damn whack-a-mole with the annoying “want to upgrade?” popup that my Fedora 13 install was throwing at me on a daily basis for months, I finally am upgrading to Fedora 15. I decided to jump right to 15 instead of 14, because why go halfway? And, who wouldn’t jump at installing a release with such a catchy code name.

If you review the past code names for Fedora, you get the idea that the people making them went from being alcoholics, to Twilight fans, to gassy historians, to Nasa enthusiasts, to Bachelor-Pad viewers who like the letter “L”.

But I digress.

Outside of some sys admin changes that can throw you for a loop if you are used to core things not changing, the system feels the same which is nice. One GREAT thing is that I didn’t have to adjust anything for my 3 screens/monitors configuration to still work!

One oddity is that Thunderbird 6 (I had thunderbird 3 previously) seems to run slow, so I am investigating plugins/settings to see what can be done.